Group Email Plans
Group Email Plans  
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Group Email Plans

Group Email Plans

Keep your team members in touch and on track. Group Email Plans ensures that everyone on your team is connected, sharing the same plan, domain and features. Plus, every Group Email Plans address includes FREE Group Calendar, giving everyone of your team members an easy way to plan and schedule meetings, events or practices for the entire group. Best of all, each of our Microsoft® Outlook® plans include a FREE download of Outlook 2007 so you can put the world’s most popular email software to work for you!
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Features Deluxe
Outlook with
Group Outlook
with Mobile
Total Plan Storage 2 GB Unlimited+ 2 GB 20 GB
Addresses (Mailboxes) 5 10 1 5
Calendar FREE Group
$9.99/yr Value
FREE Deluxe Group
$14.99/yr Value
Shared Shared
Online File Folder FREE 10 MB
$1.99/yr Value
$4.99/yr Value
SharePoint Intranet       Check
Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007     Check Check
Hosted Exchange     Check Check
Mobile Access Check Check Check Check
POP3 Check Check Check Check
IMAP   Check Check Check
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U.S. Pat. No. 7,320,020
+ Unlimited Email plan provides unlimited storage; limitations apply to other plan features.
Deluxe & Unlimited Plan Features
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